Script to Screen Supporting Return of Banjo Minnow With Dynamic Digital Ad Campaign


Veteran DRTV Agency Created and Executed Multiple DTC Ads for Iconic Fishing Lure

Script to Screen, a Direct Response/Direct-to-Consumer agency with 35 years of experience as the market leader assisting some of the most well-known products and brands, such as Amazon, SharkNinja, Keurig, Kenmore and Nutrisystem, in building and optimizing their Direct-to-Consumer channel, has produced several digital ad spots of varied lengths for Banjo Minnow™, the world’s only genetic response fishing lure.

Banjo Minnow™ has been used by generations of fishermen and has provided them increased enjoyment of the sport and success each time they go fishing.

The original Banjo Minnow™ sold over 2,000,000 kits and this new improved version of lifelike bait remains specifically designed to trigger a genetic response in predator fish, making them instinctively attack and eat their prey. The lure zigs, zags, jumps and dives in all directions, while swimming and fluttering with absolute random action. Its ability to perfectly mimic that spastic action of a wounded, dying minnow creates an illusion so lifelike that it triggers the genetic response that compels fish to bite even if they are not hungry.

The Banjo Minnow™ became the number one lure in the world two years in a row. After a lengthy hiatus, the Banjo Minnow™ is making a comeback. Script to Screen demonstrated a creative storytelling approach in its involvement with the brand in its first incarnation over two decades ago. The Product Development Team spent the last two years updating the Banjo Minnow™ to make the minnows more lifelike than ever.

“It’s gratifying to introduce a whole new generation to the Banjo Minnow™,” said Ken Kerry, Co-founder and Executive Creative/Strategy Director of Script to Screen. “The design and its totally lifelike action have proven over and over that it will catch more fish. The Script to Screen DTC ads do a great job demonstrating the all-important refinements to the product and stress the Minnow’s ability to perfectly mimic that spastic action of a wounded, dying minnow that triggers the genetic response.”

Digital content created by Script to Screen demonstrates the “4 Ways to Fish” with the Banjo Minnow including the Escaping Minnow (jerking across the top of the water), the Swimming Minnow (twitching and pausing), the Genetic Response Retrieve (crippled or dying-like wiggles and rest) and the Dying Minnow (cast it out and let it die).

A second piece created by the team is an instructional video which clearly depicts each step in rigging the Banjo Minnow™ and then putting it on the anchor while following the manual that comes with a purchase.

The third video tells the story of the creation and refining of the Banjo Minnow™ and how it was designed to work in all water conditions and work better than a traditional lure. No other product has the lifelike plastic construction. It was created by tournament fisherman Wayne Hockmeyer, while trying to become the winningest competitor in the industry, who made sure it had the following elements to make it lifelike: “living plastic”, holographic eyes, pearly bottom skin, blunted nose, and pliable tail.

About Script to Screen
Established in 1986, Script to Screen is an industry-leading Integrated Direct Response Agency, delivering a single, end-to-end solution for Direct-to-Consumer sales, lead generation, web traffic and conversions, and retail lift. Specializing in a strategic combination of cost-effective customer acquisition and brand building, Script to Screen has successfully collaborated with entrepreneurs and big brands alike to expand revenue channels and build businesses. Clients such as AAA, Amazon, Bare Escentuals, Beachbody, Blink, Bose, Church & Dwight, Cleva, Comcast, Conair, Ehealthinsurance, Esteé Lauder, Generac, Guthy-Renker, Hoover, Keurig, LifeLock, L’Oréal, Nescafé, Netspend, Nugenix, Nutrisystem, Omaha Steaks, philosophy, SharkNinja, Snow Joe, SoClean, Tria Beauty, Pfizer, and Wahl are among the major companies that have turned to Script to Screen for creative strategy, messaging and production in all channels in both offline and online of their DRTV campaigns.


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